Introducing IC12 – a brand new concept in LPG injector and LPG parts cleaning!

It was created to solve a common problem encountered by LPG technicians in their every day work – that is build up of grime and heavy end dirt in the injectors.

We have been trading for nearly 10 years, not only as a UKLPG autogas installer but also as a reputable wholesaler to industry for kits, tanks and various LPG components and are now well established in the market place.

Because of that we were able to make an investigative study into the frequency of injector failure due to small particles of dirt and heavy ends becoming imbedded in parts versus manufacturing defect.

We were ideally placed to carry out market research amongst customers and installers alike.

This research informed several factors have influence over injector failure:

  • Heavy end build up
  • Dirty gas from the pump
  • Dirty LPG injectors from wear and tear

Are all common problems and often prove very expensive to repair by the consumer – often the only solution being to replace the injectors – which in todays economic climate can be crippling for the customer. The result of our research is an industry leading LPG Injector Lubricant and Cleaner, the IC12.


This is a professional product and you are dealing with pressurized LPG fuel.

If you are feeling uncertain about carrying out the following steps please visit your local LPG centre for advice and/or help in using ic12 fluid.

Serious injury can occur to you and your property if the LPG equipment is not handled in the correct manner.
The following step by step guide was put together assuming the vehicle was originally converted to Code of Practice 11 guidelines. This should be confirmed with presence of approved certification.

The vehicle used in this instance as shown in the Step by Step Guide, is a V6 which consists of 2 banks of 3 injectors. For this and 8 cylinder application you will need to use 100ml bottle of ic12. For 4 cylinder applications a 50ml bottle of ic12 is sufficient.

How often should I use ic12?

Our engineers recommend ic12 should be used after every 10 000 kilometres. However, every engine is different and signs and symptoms that indicate it may be time to use ic12 include:

  • Vehicle is juddering
  • Poor fuel consumption
  • Engine management light
  • Engine misfires

Try ic12 before having your LPG system repaired. Our Engineers have proven that ic12 solves common LPG system problems in up to 85% of cases. Read more FAQs here.

For a step by step guide on how to use this revolutionary new product, click here to see our easy 10 step process to prevent injector failure and  keep it as operating smoothly.

My BMW X5 had not been running properly for some time.  I can only describe it as lumpy and mileage was lousy.  I used ic12 injector cleaner in the injectors and it now runs smoothly and drinks much less gas.

I will now be using this every time I have the gas side of things serviced.

Caroline Jones, Southend on Sea

I applied ic12 to the injector rail as per the simple instructions on the website and what a difference.  Its like a different car.  I only wish I had done this sooner.

Thanks again

Dave Jennings