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  • Step 1

    step 1 - identify injector

    Identify key components found in modern day sequential gas system i.e. injectors, filter, pressure regulator

  • Step 2

    step 2 -remove any engine plastics

    Remove any engine plastics or coverings to ease access

  • Step 3

    step 3 - pressure reducer, injectors and filter

    Picture showing close up of the three main components: Injectors, Pressure reducer and Filter

  • Step 4

    step 4 - applying ic12 to clean injector

    Making sure the ignition of the car is off use appropriate tools to remove clip and ease off hose linking the filter and injectors at the filter side.

  • Step 5

    step 5 - applying ic12 to clean injector

    Unscrew the tip of the ic12 bottle and apply no more than 25ml into the hose of the injectors in bank 1.

  • Step 6

    step 6 - applying ic12 to clean injector

    Repeat step 5 to the other banks of injectors if applicable

  • Step 7

    step 7 - applying ic12 to clean injector

    Lift the hose so gravity will allow ic12 fluid to reach the injector block

  • Step 8

    step 8 - applying ic12 to clean injector

    Reconnect the hose onto the filter body making sure the ic12 fluid does not retract back from the injectors.

  • Step 9

    step 9 - applying ic12 to clean injector

    After tightening the clips removed earlier, start the vehicle. Whilst revving the engine at a steady 3000 RPM, switch the gas system on. The ic12 fluid will now begin to flow through the injectors loosening, cleaning and lubricating any internal components. The vehicle will run slightly uneven at this time. After approximately 25-30 seconds allow the vehicle to idle. Repeat steps 4-9 once more.

  • Step 10

    step 10 - applying ic12 to clean injector

    When steps are completed using suitable leak test equipment, thoroughly check for leaks throughout the entire system and replace filters as necessary

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